Tactile starring Dee and Andy

Dee admires Andy's body - and his smile - and then invites him into her world. Their lips meet, their fingers intertwine, their flesh collides, their bodies meld. Alone in a pool of light, they give in to pleasure.

Friends Dee and Andy were eager to work together on "Tactile" - Dee's first erotic film. This short - and the extended sex scene that follows - is an exploration of touch and sensuality. The couple share oral sex and mutual masturbation before Dee has several impressive orgasms. She then rides Andy to his climax.


Bright Desire offers new wave, sex positive porn. It seeks to offer a better kind of erotic experience, one that inspires joy as well as pleasure.
Catering to women, to men, to everyone, this is porn with intimacy, sensuality, laughter, emotion, passion, imagination and realism.
A smarter kind of sex without all the negativity and cliche of regular porn.

Dee and Andy: Sample Images