Yes, Sir starring Mickey Mod and Siouxsie Q

A curious ingenue sneaks into the secret playroom of her dominant new lover. She is both intimidated and fascinated by the room and its array of BDSM equipment. When Mr. G. catches her snooping around, he tells her that she must obey him while in the room. This leads to an intensely passionate and pleasurable encounter featuring cunnilingus, withheld orgasm and seriously hot sex.


Bright Desire offers new wave, sex positive porn. It seeks to offer a better kind of erotic experience, one that inspires joy as well as pleasure.
Catering to women, to men, to everyone, this is porn with intimacy, sensuality, laughter, emotion, passion, imagination and realism.
A smarter kind of sex without all the negativity and cliche of regular porn.

Yes, Sir Sample Images