Instructed starring Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake arrives at a hotel, planning to meet her lover, D. Instead she finds a letter with a list of erotic instructions which she must carry out in his absence, including anal play with a butt plug, self spanking and masturbation.

Pandora shot this scene without knowing what the instructions from her real-life lover would be until she read the letter on film. This was filmed on the day of the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto in April 2014.
Official selection Berlin Porn Film Festival 2014, Pornotopia 2014, Cinekink NY 2015, British Fetish Film Festival 2015


Bright Desire offers new wave, sex positive porn. It seeks to offer a better kind of erotic experience, one that inspires joy as well as pleasure.
Catering to women, to men, to everyone, this is porn with intimacy, sensuality, laughter, emotion, passion, imagination and realism.
A smarter kind of sex without all the negativity and cliche of regular porn.

Instructed Sample Images