Real Life Couple Kim and Jay

Kim and Jay are a real-life couple who have a 24/7 consensual Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship. This means that in their personal lives, Jay makes decisions for Kim and she does her best to please him. For Kim, relinquishing control is a way of relaxing while Jay enjoys exerting that control. Her submission extends to their sex life and they particularly enjoy impact play together - this involves spanking, paddling and caning. After a session of play they typically enjoy sex together.

This scene gives a glimpse into their BDSM sex life and their unique, very trusting and sensual relationship. This is what Fifty Shades tried to be.


Bright Desire offers new wave, sex positive porn. It seeks to offer a better kind of erotic experience, one that inspires joy as well as pleasure.
Catering to women, to men, to everyone, this is porn with intimacy, sensuality, laughter, emotion, passion, imagination and realism.
A smarter kind of sex without all the negativity and cliche of regular porn.

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